Alaska Based Manufacturing

Alaska has some unique niche manufacturing . We have a working relationship with  some great Alaskan companies that build their products in Alaska and most of them sell their products worldwide.  We also work with new customers on  product development and design and  produce first articles and prototypes for testing. We manufacture a number or parts and pieces for these  Alaska based business so they can produce and sell their products. Examples include, Airglas, Atlee Dodge, Alaska Roteq, QSA Envision, Lasher Sports.

Architectural Metal / Art

We have provided fabricated solutions for a number of companies and individuals  involved in architectural metal work. We have ongoing working relationships with Alaska based architects. We have also collaborated with a number of different artists on some great projects.  In a collaboration with  Ray Troll we provided fabricated and custom powder coated  Aluminum pieces some over 13' long. These pieces are located at the Ship Creek Hatchery in Anchorage. Recently we also worked with Native artist Sylvester Ayek on a project that is currently on permanent display at the new Norton Sound hospital in Nome, AK. We provided  project design and then used water jet, welding, fabrication and some amazing new powder coating techniques for a stunning finish to both of their projects. On both of these projects we collaborated with Carol Hushower with "Alaska vector Arts, LLC", she provided graphic design and CNC file conversion. We continue to utilize her skill sets when we are working on any design rich projects, please contact us for her contact information.


General aviation is big business in Alaska. TriJet Manufacturing is involved in this industry by producing machined, water-jetted, fabricated and powder-coated parts for Atlee Dodge, Airglas, Alaska aircraft engines, Airframes Alaska, ERA helicopters, and Northern Air Cargo. We work with these large customers and also with the recreational and commercial pilots that need parts refurbishment on their planes.


TriJet has some unique design and fabrication capabilities that can benefit construction companies. 3-D design is a great tool that is still underutilized in project development. We are able to provide Solid-works 3-D design on the front end of a complicated project to visually see the product and test for strength and load calculations before fabrication begins. This has numerous benefits and adds tremendous value to a project. We can build strength where needed and eliminate weight in other areas. These 3-D drawings also are a great marketing and sales tool for our customers to show their clients. Water Jet cutting is very accurate tool for cutting thin ornamental to thick plate steel which has numerous applications in the construction industry.Powder Coating provides a durable hard long lasting exterior finish which is used in numerous construction projects. This is modern high tech manufacturing. We currently work with Cruz Construction, Coho Construction, F-E Contracting, Hickel Contracting, Mechanical Builders and Weldin Construction.


Core competencies in large format CNC Waterjet plate cutting, and multi-process (GTAW, GMAW-P) aluminum/stainless steel welding lend our shop to marine fabrication. We also specialize in application of several technical coatings (Powder Coating, Cerakote ceramic coatings) suitable for marine use. We work with Hylite Fabrication, Peregrine Marine, Reynolds Marine, Bay welding, and Alaska Clean seas. These companies operate all over Alaska from Prudhoe Bay, Kodiak, Homer, Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound.

Oil & Gas/ Mining

We provide complete one stop manufacturing solutions to business involved with the oil, gas and mining industry. From initial design to completed project, we can handle all of these processes in house. We have completed large skid fabrication, Aluminum fabricated container solutions, and double walled powder coated tanks as examples.