Core competencies in large format CNC Waterjet plate cutting, and multi-process (GTAW, GMAW-P) aluminum/stainless steel welding lend our shop to marine fabrication.   We also specialize in application of several technical coatings (Powder Coating, Cerakote ceramic coatings)  suitable for marine use.   We work with Hylite Fabrication, Peregrine Marine, Reynolds Marine, Bay welding, and Alaska Clean seas.  These companies operate all over Alaska  from Prudhoe Bay, Kodiak, Homer, Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound.

Ray Troll, Ship Creek Hatchery Project

We  collaborated with  Ray Troll on a project for the Ship Creek Fish Hatchery located in Anchorage, Alaska.  Carol Hushower with (Alaska Vector Arts) did the CNC file conversion from ray’s concept drawings so we could cut custom high temperature stencils to reproduce...