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CNC Waterjet

Waterjet is a high-tech cutting solution using water and garnet to cut a wide range of materials. The cutting capacity of 6′ x 13′ and up to 6″ thick allows for jobs ranging from industrial applications all the way to artistic production and signs. Plastic, granite, marble, aluminum, steel, titanium, tile, glass, wood, rubber, and carbon fiber are just some of the materials our state of the art Waterjet machine can handle.

Powder Coated Aluminum Reels And Conveyor Systems.

Alaska Based Manufacturing

This project was for a Oil and gas company in Cook Inlet.  We completed 3-D design and engineering on the large Aluminum reel to make sure it could withstand the forces exerted on it. We them used these files to […]

Spreader Beam Repair and Paint

Complete and loaded for transport.

We completed a spreader beam repair for the Alaska Railroad. This beam was damaged and needed repair and painting. We CNC water-jet cut heavy plate steel to fabricate new pieces that were damaged. After welding and fabrication was complete we […]

120 Gallon Helicopter Double Walled Fuel Tanks

CNC Water-Jet Cut. Fabricated and Welded  5052-H32 Aluminum. Powder-coated White. Dry weight: 150 lb Volume: 120 gallons Max Fill Volume: 100 gallons (to allow for thermal expansion) Height: 40” Diameter: 37.5” Material: 1/8” AL Slings provided by Arctic Wire and […]

Large HD Fabricated Structural Steel Skis

[instant_gallery] We worked with Cruz construction to design and build a set of structural steel skis to mount underneath a flat deck trailer. We partnered with our sister company Triverus to complete the design and load calculations. Once this was […]

Powder Coated Double Wall Fuel Tank

Powder Coated Double Wall Fuel Tank
Powder Coated Double Wall Fuel Tank

[instant_gallery] We designed and built 2 qty 110gal. and 1 qty 220gal. fuel tanks for a Helicopter Company located in Anchorage, Alaska. We use Solidworks 3-D modeling to present a lifelike example for approval before we build. Once all fabrication […]

Ray Troll, Ship Creek Hatchery Project

[instant_gallery] We  collaborated with  Ray Troll on a project for the Ship Creek Fish Hatchery located in Anchorage, Alaska.  Carol Hushower with (Alaska Vector Arts) did the CNC file conversion from ray’s concept drawings so we could cut custom high […]

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