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3D Design

We use Solidworks 3D drafting software to design your project in the virtual world. Once the design is approved, we can use our manufacturing processes to create your real world product. In house finite element analysis and engineering are also available. Customers can download eDrawings which is a free Solid-Works file viewer here http://www.edrawingsviewer.com/ed/download.htm.

Fabricated Cart for a 20,000 LB Turbine Rotor

  Alaska Roteq We did the design using 3-D design in Solid-works. In the 2 photos you see the cart we built and the third is the generator housing the rotor was located in. Also included is a photo of […]

Powder Coated Aluminum Reels And Conveyor Systems.

Alaska Based Manufacturing

This project was for a Oil and gas company in Cook Inlet.  We completed 3-D design and engineering on the large Aluminum reel to make sure it could withstand the forces exerted on it. We them used these files to […]

Cerakote custom application

[instant_gallery] We worked with Carol Hushower ( Alaska vector Arts, LLC) on a custom Zebra stripe Cerakote application for a customer. The slide was off a Springfield XD 40 caliber. These applications are possible for your custom projects please inquire for […]

Large HD Fabricated Structural Steel Skis

[instant_gallery] We worked with Cruz construction to design and build a set of structural steel skis to mount underneath a flat deck trailer. We partnered with our sister company Triverus to complete the design and load calculations. Once this was […]

Powder Coated Double Wall Fuel Tank

Powder Coated Double Wall Fuel Tank
Powder Coated Double Wall Fuel Tank

[instant_gallery] We designed and built 2 qty 110gal. and 1 qty 220gal. fuel tanks for a Helicopter Company located in Anchorage, Alaska. We use Solidworks 3-D modeling to present a lifelike example for approval before we build. Once all fabrication […]

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