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Recreational Sport

We provide  Alaska outdoor enthusiasts with high tech manufacturing options  within  the state of Alaska.

Some examples include, Automotive, All Terrain vehicles, Hunting, Mountain Biking, Snow-boarding, Snowshoeing, Snow machining and many others.

We provide these customers with 3-D design, water jet parts, powder coating,  Cerakote ceramic coatings, welding and fabrication, and machining.

One example of a ongoing customer that utilizes these services is Lasher Sports. He produces custom wheel chairs and hand powdered cycles.  His market is worldwide.

Cerakote custom application

[instant_gallery] We worked with Carol Hushower ( Alaska vector Arts, LLC) on a custom Zebra stripe Cerakote application for a customer. The slide was off a Springfield XD 40 caliber. These applications are possible for your custom projects please inquire for […]

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