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TriJet has some unique design and fabrication capabilities that can benefit construction companies. 3-D design is a great tool that is still underutilized in project development. We are able to provide Solid-works 3-D design on the front end of a complicated project to  visually see the product and test for strength and load calculations before fabrication begins. This has numerous benefits and adds tremendous value to a project.  We can build strength where needed and eliminate weight in other areas. These 3-D drawings also are a great marketing and sales tool for our customers to show their clients.  Water Jet cutting  is very accurate tool for cutting thin ornamental to thick plate steel which has numerous applications in the construction industry.Powder Coating provides a durable hard long lasting exterior finish which is used in numerous construction projects. This is modern high tech manufacturing. We currently work with Cruz Construction, Coho Construction, F-E Contracting, Hickel Contracting,  Mechanical Builders and Weldin Construction

Spreader Beam Repair and Paint

Complete and loaded for transport.

We completed a spreader beam repair for the Alaska Railroad. This beam was damaged and needed repair and painting. We CNC water-jet cut heavy plate steel to fabricate new pieces that were damaged. After welding and fabrication was complete we […]

Large HD Fabricated Structural Steel Skis

[instant_gallery] We worked with Cruz construction to design and build a set of structural steel skis to mount underneath a flat deck trailer. We partnered with our sister company Triverus to complete the design and load calculations. Once this was […]

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