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Alaska Based Manufacturing

Alaska has some unique niche manufacturing . We have a working relationship with  some great Alaskan companies that build their products in Alaska and most of them sell their products worldwide.  We also work with new customers on  product development and design and  produce first articles and prototypes for testing. We manufacture a number or parts and pieces for these  Alaska based business so they can produce and sell their products. Examples include, Airglas, Atlee Dodge, Alaska Roteq, QSA Envision, Lasher Sports.

120 Gallon Helicopter Double Walled Fuel Tanks

CNC Water-Jet Cut. Fabricated and Welded  5052-H32 Aluminum. Powder-coated White. Dry weight: 150 lb Volume: 120 gallons Max Fill Volume: 100 gallons (to allow for thermal expansion) Height: 40” Diameter: 37.5” Material: 1/8” AL Slings provided by Arctic Wire and […]

NDT Crawler inspection units

CNC machined and turned parts.  Finishes used Ceramic Miroslick Cerakote C-110Q,  Powder Coat  Prismatic “Just Orange” PSS-4045 with “Casper Clear” PPS-4005.  

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