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Powder Coated Aluminum Reels And Conveyor Systems.

Alaska Based ManufacturingThis project was for a Oil and gas company in Cook Inlet.  We completed 3-D design and engineering on the large Aluminum reel to make sure it could withstand the forces exerted on it. We them used these files to CNC water-jet cut the different pieces.  Welding and fabrication was next, followed by a powder coat finish. We completed two of these reels.

The conveyor systems were hydraulic operated. We CNC water-jet cut the Aluminum and UHMW parts. We then used a hydraulic press brake to bend to shape.  Our machine shop also was involved turning some solid round stock to size. We completed final assembly in house. We built over 60 of these units.  The finish is a durable Powder coat finish that will be a long lasting solution for the marine environment that it will used in.

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